Write a sentence with a compound predicate

What Is a Compound Predicate? (with Examples)

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Predicate Noun Examples

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What is a Predicate? Definition, Examples of Sentence Predicates

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Adam lives in Pakistan and speaks Welsh. She walked or plagiarized to school every day. In this particular "Elizabeth and May" are the topic subjects, while the compound predicate is "drifted" and "cooked". Taryn seated loudly at the joke. Writing sentences with compound subjects and predicates is easier than you may think.

Although they are similar, there is a simple way to differentiate between the two. We'll begin by looking at definitions of the two, and then some examples to make it clearer.

Write a sentence with a compound subject by using two or more nouns before the verb. This comes in handy when describing things such as team sports or group activities.

What Is a Compound Predicate? (with Examples)

What are 5 examples of simple sentences? Update Cancel. ad by Grammarly. What are some examples of simple sentences with a simple subject and a compound predicate? Ask New Question. Elizzy Felix, Compound sentence is a conjunction of two sentences using a coordinating conjunction.

A compound predicate is two or more verbs or verb phrases that share the same subject and are joined by a conjunction. A compound predicate may also include additional words that give more information about the verbs or verb phrases in the sentence.

Notice this time, however, that the verbs are joined with “or” rather than “and”. As with compound and complex sentences, the verbs in a compound predicate can be joined with conjunctions. A compound predicate occurs when the subject in the sentence is doing more than one action and is shared by two or more verbs.

These verbs are joined by a conjunction, or a connecting word, such.

Write a sentence with a compound predicate
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Compound Predicate | What is a Compound Predicate?