Sentence variety writing activities

Sentence Variety

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Sentence Patterns

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With the original publication of his sentence composing series, Don Killgallon changed the way thousands of high school English teachers and their students look at language, literature, and writing by focusing on the sentence. One source of variety in your writing is variety of sentence structure.

In this lesson, you are going to practice recognizing sentences that need to be revised to add variety and revising sentences by using additions and sentence combining. Getting to the Point. 6 Short Writing Activities for Beginning ESL Students. by Susan Vernerviews.

When you are teaching beginning ESL, English literacy, or any low level English courses, you may find your students are not quite ready for standard writing class assignments.

The first element of a paragraph is the topic sentence. Sentence Variety. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Sentence Variety. Some of the worksheets displayed are Sentence variety the length of sentences within the, Sentence variety exercise 4, Proofreading revising editing skills success, Sentence variety x absolutes, Sentence types simple compound complex and compound, Sentence variety, English sentence variety, Sentence variety work.

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If you spent a week developing each concept you have 24 weeks of writing instruction ready to go! These lessons allow engaging practice with 24 different concepts for writing!

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Sentence variety writing activities
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