Ipad writing app with wrist guard

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Handwriting Recognition on the iPad: 3 Way Shootout

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When your wrist or palm brushes against the bottom of the screen, it won't be mistaken for a writing. Jan 06,  · Unlike most people many of us write with our hands curled over the top of what we're writing. Thus, the "wrist pad" should be placed above, not below the text area. #7 jsh, Jan 6, ipad app wrist protection, ipad note taking wrist guard, ipad wrist protection, notes plus turn on wrist protection, notes plus wrist guard.

Writing with a stylus. What method?

Jan 23,  · A. Your writing hand floats above screen, never touching it. B. You rely entirely on the in-app wrist-guard (aka palm pad). Could you specify which note-taking app(s) you use and how often you need to use the eraser to clean up (if at all).

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Ipad writing app with wrist guard
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