High school and choices

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High School

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High schools of all four sources are located throughout the conclusion. High School Choices The District’s Choice Schools & Magnet Programs are tightly aligned to Alamo Colleges’ programs.

Students have the opportunity to earn college credit through a mix of free dual-credit courses and Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate credit by exam. Student Choice High School campuses offer students a learning environment and teaching style that is different from those of a traditional high school.

Students access our standards-based online curriculum and participate in a self-paced, four-hour session that is facilitated by highly qualified personnel. Use NYC School Finder and the NYC High School Directory and talk with your school counselor to decide which 12 programs to list on your Round 1 high school application.

Listing 12 choices matters! 97% of students who listed 12 choices on their application last year got an offer in Round 1. The President's call for a re-envisioning of the American high school experience in his State of the Union address provided the opportunity to explore new.

CHOICE High School's CAP 21 class built a new ticket booth for Oysterfest. It was a bit tricky to move but with some teamwork they made it. Come on down and see the final product! The Houston Independent School District prides itself on its many and varied school choice options for students.

HISD also remains committed to providing equity in access to high-quality educational programs and instruction.

High school and choices
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School Choice / By Level