Civil rights movement after world war ii

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Civil Rights: Civil War to World War II

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Civil Rights Movement

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Civil Rights: Civil War to World War II Introduction The cause of civil rights, established with the signing of the Declaration of Independence and through the Industrial Revolution, moved at a slow pace.

Centuries of prejudice and discrimination against blacks fueled the civil rights crusade, but World War II and its aftermath were arguably the main catalysts. The civil rights movement was a fight.

By emphasizing this aspect of our country, the government was implying that it was important to allow all people to have equal rights. After the war, African Americans did not simply forget this idea.

Second, World War II involved large numbers of African Americans fighting for their country. Civil War era. The issue of slavery created a deeper division between north and south in the mids.

How did World War II help bring about the Civil Rights Movement?

From that division, the next wave of civil rights for minorities sprang. Slavery.

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The vast majority of Southerners could not afford a slave prior to the Civil War. Poor Southerners ran into direct competition with cheaper slave labor for jobs. This is the currently selected item.

The experiences of African American soldiers during World War II inspired many of them to agitate for civil rights when they returned to civilian life. Even though black soldiers faced discrimination from within the American military, they had the opportunity to.

In many ways, the events of World War II set the stage for the civil rights movement. First, the demand for soldiers in the early s created a shortage of white male laborers.

Civil rights movement after world war ii
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Civil Rights: Civil War to World War II