An analysis of the growing dependence on imported oil along with a heightened concern about the envi

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Phosphorus fertilizers: “%/zero” approach required Of major concern for sustainable development is the waste of the non-renewable resource phosphorus (P).

sustainable futures in a changing climate

however. the element accumulates easily in soils and is prone to leaching to groundwaters from where it enters the food chain. There is, first, the threat posed by our declining competitiveness in the global economy, a threat most obviously represented by such rising economic powers as China and India.1 There is, second, the threat posed by our increasing dependence on oil imports from the Middle East.

industrial transport corridors, documenting the forms of heightened risk imposed on those living along these transportation paths.

Next, we develop an illustrative case study of Canada’s worst rail catastrophe. The growing transportation of fossil fuel also means that there dependent on oil imports from Canada and Latin.

The growing interest over the magnitude of the energy inputs is shared not only by researcher6 but duo by individual farmers who are trying to minimize energy inputs and thus production costs (Ber~rdi, ; Wernick and Lockeretz, ), and by consumers who may ultimately pay higher food prices (Steinhart and Steinhart, ; Leach, ).

An important concern ecological about this proposal would be _____. the impacts on the woodlands, wetlands, and waterways Members of several local environmental groups propose that nearly all of the buildings be removed and the area turned into a regional .

An analysis of the growing dependence on imported oil along with a heightened concern about the envi
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