A comparative analysis of germany and japans goal of world determination after world war i

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The League of Nations and the United Nations

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Why Did Japan Join Forces With Germany During World War II?

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Generally speaking, during World War II, Japan was interested in becoming the leading force in all of Asia, while Germany was focussed on becoming the leading force in all of Europe.

Aftermath of World War II

They spoke of non-interference within each others' "spheres" after the war. Because of the cold war, there was no comprehensive peace settlement after the second world war as there had been in Instead there were a number of separate agreements or ad hoc decisions.

Comparative Analysis

The reason for World War Two and the goal of world dominaton was the control of these governments by their militaries and their joint military goals. What happened to the colonial system after World War II?

The colonial system met its demise due to Germany and Japan's defeat, the weak economic position of other former colonizers, and the U.N.'s endorsement of national self-determination.

The major victor of the war, the United States, was a rich country even inwhen much of the rest of the world was destroyed. To revive markets for the export of U.S. products, the U.S. government made a strategic choice to invest in Japan and Germany.

A comparative analysis of germany and japans goal of world determination after world war i
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How was Japan's and German's goals in world war 2 the same